Anil Jain Refex Refrigerant – Superior Quality And Resilient

Anil Jain Refex Refrigerant Industries is one of the leading distributors of refrigerant gases all over India. The main goal of the company is to manufacture eco-friendly gases replacing the most dreadful agents such as chlorofluro carbons (CFCs). The products of the company are mainly used as foam blowing agents, refrigerants and aerosol propellants. Refex Refrigerants shows utmost dedication in retaining their reputation with respect to safety and health of the society and environment. Their prime motive is attaining success without sparing the safety factor of the surrounding atmosphere.

The industry is headed by Anil Jain, respectable and successful manufacturer of refrigerant gases. The quality of the products can be valued from the years of experience he has dedicated himself for the growth of the company. He has been thriving hard for about 9 years to overcome the problems encountered by refrigerant gases. Anil Jain takes priceless efforts in educating the public about the hazards of refrigerant gases and their effects upon ozone layer. His intension is to avoid accidents of refrigerant gases that may happen due to carelessness and mishandling of refrigerant cans and cylinders. Anil Jain’s knowledge is not restricted to refrigerants domain, it extends even to the field of solar power generation.

Each of Refex customers are provided with an analysis certificate that confirms the standard and quality of their products. They take complete care in ensuring the safety of customer while refilling the gases. The refilled products are tested and certified before and after completion of the process in highly advanced laboratory. RIL has received the ISO 9001-2000 certification from TUV-SUD, Germany. Anil Jain Refex Refrigerant Industry is equipped with cutting-edge and highly advanced technological devices that meet the standard of quality and safety of products. Refex team is the only reason for the success and popularity of the products. Each employee of Refex is a gift to the company who work passionately to reach the goals.

The goals of Anil Jain Refex Refrigerant Industries are not constrained to just quality of products; they go beyond boundaries in meeting the competitive edge and expectations of clients. They tend to serve both their clients and society with proper balance of quality and safety. Three main reasons for the success and growth of the company include professionalism in work process, commitment to work and loyalty to people. Read More