Anil Jain explain Arrest of Electric Shock in Solar Panels

Many are unaware of the shocks that happen in solar panels; Mr. Anil Jain helps us how to arrest electric shocks in solar panels by being cautious in handling them. This explains the experience of Anil Jain in preventing the common accidents that occur in solar panels.

Around the globe, renewable energy is considered as the “Energy for Future” and particularly, the solar energy is contributing much in replacing fossil fuels. Sun is the chief source of energy and it is possible to convert sunlight directly into electricity with the help of solar panels. Nowadays, solar panels have become so reliable in saving the electricity bills to greater extent. With increase in usage of solar panels, manufacturers, contractors, traders, technicians, engineers and customers must collaborate in creating shock-free solar panels.

According to Anil Jain Refex Refrigerants Limited CEO, there are important safety measures that need to be adhered during the installation of solar panels. He assures that such safe installation methods prevent people from coming into contact with potentially lethal DC voltages. As a standard installation (safe) practice, one must run and terminate both ends of the solar DC cable between the array junction box and the DC Isolator first before starting to electrically connect the solar panels. This is followed by “plugging in” each panel to the string as well as to the PV extension lead, if used.

If two strings are being connected in parallel, ensure that no panels are plugged in until all DC terminations are complete. If necessary, tag the other array plugs outside. This will eliminate the chance of an electric shock occurring due to back-feed from the other string. Finally, it is mandatory to ensure that the PV cables are correctly restrained to prevent movement. Despite proper attention, accidents are prone to occur because certain important steps are frequently missed or skipped during the installation of PV systems.

Technicians must properly test all cables with appropriate tools before touching them. Not all volt-sticks work on DC current, and so a correct voltmeter must be used all the times. It is imperative that all tradesmen utilise and train technicians in applying the right isolation procedures. Technicians must also communicate effectively with the tradesman throughout the job process. They must remember that electric shock may tend to throw someone from roof leading to major injuries or at times death. Hence, it is always better to use appropriate ‘Fall Prevention Equipment’ to avoid extreme damage. Remember, your life is worth more than a solar panel!

Anil Jain Arrest of Solar Panels Shocks – Useful Recommendations

  • Personnel protective equipment (PPE) to be worn by the technicians before carrying out the activity.

  • ‘Risk Assessment Checklist’ must be completed by the technicians.

  • The installation of module should be carried out by qualified and experienced technicians.

  • All tools and equipment must be tested and certified periodically as per compliance.

  • Make use of appropriate safety insulated equipment approved for electrical installation processes. All others must be omitted strictly.

  • Avoid wearing metallic watchbands, earrings, finger rings or nose rings and other metallic gadgets while troubleshooting or installing photovoltaic systems.

General Recommendations to Avoid Accidents

  • Never use mirrors to artificially direct sunlight on the module.

  • Do not try to disassemble the module at any cost.

  • Never place heavy objects on solar panels.

  • Warn children and make them aware of the danger associated with solar panels.

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